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Two important dates

Normally, I would not post this as we should all be adults and know how to use a forex calendar and read the news. However, a rash of posts both here and abroad on the net that essentially are asking how to get megapips off of the Brexit vote have me concerned, so here we are. Also, people seem to be overlooking the big elephant in the room, the June FOMC.
Short version:
WED JUNE 15 1400 EST FOMC STATEMENT Whether you like it or not, the USD touches everything you do, like those bad decisions you made in University.
THURSDAY JUNE 23 UK BREXIT VOTE This really could be underwhelming.... or it could be horrific.
If you are a n00b, stop trying to get rich off of the Brexit vote. You need to concentrate on successful, positive trades, not big wins. Go gamble if you want that rush. The Brexit vote is one of those events that can cause such precipitous damage to accounts that Brokers are limiting retail leverage and raising margin rates: (from Oanda)
Dear Huachi
During events such as the upcoming Brexit referendum, market movements can be significant leading to the potential for large profits, but also large losses. To help ensure our customers are more insulated from such movements, we will be temporarily lowering the maximum leverage available on GBP pairs to 20:1 after the market close on June 17, 2016. The affected pairs will return to prior leverage levels after the market close on June 24, 2016.
As a result of this change, you may need to close trades or add funds to your account or risk a possible margin closeout if you currently have an open GBP positions with higher levels of leverage and do not have enough funds in your account to cover the increased margin requirements. To determine the impact this change may have to your margin, you can use OANDA’s margin calculator.
Margin rates on pairs not containing GBP will not be affected.
If you have any questions, you can contact our Client Experience Team whenever markets are open.
Regards, The OANDA Team
And FOMC? The June FOMC is not just any FOMC, it will really be a bellwether for 2016 for the Fed's direction with interest rates until election and Christmas. Will they stick to their word and raise rates? Or change course and have a flat rate, showing their weak hand? There are estimates in both directions (some showing preciptious cliffs, some showing seismic movements back and forth), but again, unless you are confident in your analysis, market intel, and skill set, pay attention because the June FOMC has a potential for a radical whipsaw.
I'll take this down in a few days, it is not a soapbox, but there is some real shit in the market right now that has capacity to wipe out accounts. Noobs watch out, you pros too!
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